Giving credit where credit is due.


Source Sans Pro © 2010, 2012 Adobe Systems Inc.
Creator: Paul D. Hunt
License: SIL OFL 1.1
Homepage: Adobe.com

Entypo © 2012
Creator: Daniel Bruce
License: CC BY-SA 3.0
Homepage: entypo.com


Flat UI © 2013
Creator: designmodo
License: CC BY 3.0 and MIT
Homepage: Flat UI Free


jQuery © The jQuery Foundation 2013
License: MIT
Homepage: jquery.com

jQueryUI © The jQuery Foundation 2013
License: MIT
Homepage: jqueryui.com

Modernizr © 2009 - 2013
Creator: Faruk Ates
License: MIT
Source: github.com/Modernizr
Homepage: modernizr.com/

enquire © 2013
Creator: Nick Williams
License: MIT
Homepage: wicky.nillia.ms/enquire.js

boxsizing.htc © 2013
Creator: Christian Schaefer
Homepage: github.com/Schepp

media.match.js © WebLinc LLC 2012
License: Notice
Source: github.com/weblinc

Creator: Keith Clark
License: MIT
Homepage: selectivizr.com

jQuery FlexSlider v2.1 © WooThemes 2012
Contributing Author: Tyler Smith
License: GPLv2
Homepage: woothemes.com


CSS Reset
Creator: Eric Meyer
License: none (public domain)
Homepage: meyerweb.com

HTML5 Boilerplate
Team: Nicolas Gallagher, Paul Irish, Mathias Bynens, Divya Manian, and Hans Christian Reinl
License: MIT
Source: github.com/h5bp
Homepage: html5boilerplate.com

Jeet 2
Creator: Cory Simmons
License: MIT
Source: github.com/CorySimmons
Homepage: jeetframework.com

Creator: Dave Gamache
License: MIT
Source: github.com/dhgamache
Homepage: getskeleton.com